Fasting is Great for Your Overall Health

Fasting is Great for Your Overall Health

You must be inundated with information about fasting on any online platform you search at. All the fancy-schmancy spas to bloggers highly recommend fasting in the name of a body cleanse. Some even claim to have gained better mental clarity post the fasting, with weight loss being a favorable side effect. Even medical research supports these claims. Though fasting for days together is impractical, intermittent fasting is the most sensible option.

intermittent fasting

What exactly is intermittent fasting?

When intermittent fasting, you do not cut back on the calories or restrict your portion size. You may choose the number of hours you wish to fast. Come do it for 16 hours and some for 8 hours. Here is the mechanism that occurs when you fast. There is a steady drop in your glucose levels. Eventually, your body resorts to glycogen to gain energy to function. Upon the usage of glycogen, the body starts burning fat. Later, the body enters ketosis where fat is the source of fuel.

Fasting is not a new trend

People have been fasting for centuries due to religion. There have been phases in human evolution where people had no food to survive. So, it might be safe to say that human bodies have been trained to fast and be without food for long periods of time.

Important things to remember when intermittent fasting

Stay away from this lifestyle if you have a history of eating disorders, anemia, blood pressure problems, or are currently pregnant. Talk to your doctor before you begin this lifestyle. If you find yourself feeling tired and lethargic due to this diet, tweak your fasting hours or quit it altogether.

Benefits of intermittent fasting

Research has proved that fasting improves the conditions of the heart. It reduces diabetes and leads to stable blood sugar levels. The body goes into protection mode. Fasting is also known to fight cancer. Maintaining a healthy weight is also easier. Fasting is also known to prevent the instance of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

In conclusion

Only fasting cannot promise better health. You can compensate for a bad diet with fasting. Having adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins cannot be ignored. But certainly, fasting improved metabolism and improves the various health markers. There are various ways of fasting with different stretches of time. You can design the one that works especially for you.

Don’t ignore including exercise in your regimen as it has a plethora of benefits of its own. Always make sure to consult with your doctor before you begin any new workout or diet schedule as it might or might not work for you. Take it easy and try to lead a healthy life that nourishes your mind and soul.